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Unraveling Worthiness: Breaking Down the 5 'Blocks' to God's Love

Leanne is kicking off a new series based on her own experiences navigating "The Paradox of Worthiness" (as she calls it). As in, how do you feel worthy when you don't feel worthy?

There is so much talk nowadays about self-love and worthiness, but the crucial question remains: How do we truly embrace it if all we’ve ever known is the opposite? How do you suddenly feel worthy if all you’ve ever known is feeling unworthy?  

In this kickoff to the series, Leanne introduces you to (what she calls) "The 5 Blocks To Love", and how she discovered that when it came to actually FEELING worthy of being loved, that was a really hard concept for her to grasp at first. It felt like something was actually blocking her.

And that's when she discovered that there were "5 Blocks" that were hindering her ability to RECEIVE what was already there, and that this was what was actually causing her resistance. She also discovered that removing those blocks catapulted her ability to connect to herself, others, and God.

You're going to get an in-depth look at each of these blocks in this upcoming series, but first she dives into the fusion of faith, neuroscience, and self-image as a pathway to feeling worthy and putting yourself in the optimal position to remove your own blocks.

HOST: @LeanneEllington

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Authors Mentioned:

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