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Cody Jinks Reveals Why His Young Son Is Acknowledged at Writer on Song

Cody Jinks stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for the first time and revealed why his son has writing credits on his song “Loud and Heavy.”  

It was Jinks son’s second birthday and all he wanted to do was see tractors. He took him to the local Tractor Supplies store and when they got there, it started to thunder and rain heavily. While they waited the storm out in his car, his son was in the car seat and kept saying “loud thunder, heavy rain!” Jinks pulled out his phone and made a voice memo of him singing that line the exact way you hear it in the recording. Once the storm let up, they played on the tractors for a little, but Jinks cut it short to go home and write the song. He wrote it in under 40 minutes and put his son as a songwriter on it for giving him the inspiration for the song title. His son is 11 now and has no idea how successful that song has been for them.

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