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Morgan Shares Scam Alert After Facebook Marketplace Incident

Morgan was trying to sell a bed set on Facebook Marketplace and got a buyer who was interested in it right away.

She started messaging the guy back and forth and he was very adamant about paying her. He wanted to use the app Zelle to transfer the money, so she sent him her number to do it, but he told her he needed her e-mail. Once she gave him her e-mail, she received a message saying he sent her $700 and she needed to click to claim now. She was confused why the money didn’t go into her account and why she would need to claim something, so she checked the e-mail and realized it was a fake Zelle account. If she clicked the e-mail, she would’ve had to fill out all her info for a scammer to get her money.  

He wasn’t trying to get the bed set; he was just trying to get her information. Morgan went through with everything and didn’t think it was a scam until she checked the e-mail username. This is a warning to always check where an email is coming from and never claim anything unless it’s coming from a trusted account.