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Amy Gives Eddie Price Breakdown of Hair Transplant in Türkiye

Amy had Jeremiah Carter on her 4 Things podcast last week and they were talking about David Beckham and how beautiful his hair is. He brought up that he had a hair transplant, and she does not know for a fact if it’s true, but she found some before and after pictures online that looked convincing.

Apparently, all the European soccer players go to Türkiye to get hair transplants. It happens there because it’s not approved in the U.S. Bobby Bones told Eddie if he got a breakdown of how much travel, lodging and the procedure would cost, plus how long the recovery time would be, he would consider paying for it. Amy reported back with the full budget.  

The flight would cost about $2,000. She found a package from a hair transplant place that is all inclusive. It includes the hotel, transportation, hair transplant with 100% results guaranteed, multilingual medical advisors and after care products. It costs $3,500. Plus throw in about $500 for food, it would cost about $6,000. Eddie said he’ll talk to his wife about it before he makes a decision. Also, he’d want his wife to come with him, so that’ll be double the cost for flights and food.