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Bobby Bones Shares Rejected Segments From Past Month

The Bobby Bones Show shared the latest rejected segments that were never going to make the air because they were either a bad idea or boring.  

The top 5 are below!

  1. Win a chance to punch Lunchbox in the face. A listener called in and said they would love the chance to punch him in the face, so make it a reality by listeners donating money to charity and entering in the lottery. They draw a winner who gets to punch him in the face with a boxing glove. They can't do it because it would raise too much money for charity.  
  2. Morgan – Her and Lunchbox were supposed to record the Best Bits podcast and he did not show up, because she banned him from winning Employee of the Month. She was at the studio at 3 in the morning, and he never came. She is still holding a grudge against him.  
  3. Raymundo - Found a really cool app called Tunity that you can use at the bars to help you hear the TV’s better. You scan any TV at the bar and have it play on your phone to hear the sound. It was rejected because it’s boring.  
  4. Eddie - The days of expired milk are over. He bought organic milk from the store and the expiration date was two months away. He wants to know how it lasts that long. Also, if anyone eats food after the expiration date. Bones put it in a category he calls scrapping for show material.  
  5. Mike D- Spill The Tea Celebrity Edition – Spill the tea anonymously about bad interactions we’ve had with famous people, or rumors we’ve heard about them. Not doing it because it’s not worth the drama.