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Bobby Bones Show Shares Their Biggest Dreams

Amy’s son shared at his school that his dream is to swim with whales. So, members of The Bobby Bones Show shared what their biggest dreams are. Find out below:  

  • Bobby Bones
    • Arkansas Razorbacks to win the National Championship in football.  
    • Break 80 in golf.  
    • Host the CMA Awards.  
    • His dog Stanley to live to 12 years old.  
  • Amy – She wants to wake up and suddenly be able to speak another language, know how to play piano and dance.  
  • Eddie – To never work again and be financially set.  
  • Lunchbox – To be on the show, Survivor, and win.  
  • Raymundo – To go on the same season of Survivor as Lunchbox and beat him. 
  • Morgan – To go on an African safari.  

Photos: Getty Images