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Lunchbox Has New Idea for Selling Items From Pallet

A few weeks ago, members of The Bobby Bones Show pitched in $500 to buy an Amazon returns pallet and went through the items and priced them at resale value with hopes they would make more money than what they spent on it originally. Now they have a bunch of things they need to sell. Lunchbox’s first idea was to have a garage sale at a Sonic parking lot, but it’s not going to work. So, he came up with a few more ideas and shared the worst to the best.  

  • The worst suggestion - Find a listener who will volunteer to let them sell it at their house.  
  • Second worst suggestion – QVC sell all. They talk about the products and people call in and place their bids. They will pay for shipping as well.  
  • His second favorite suggestion – People have messaged him saying if he signed it, they would buy it. So, he suggested having a garage sale at the office. He also proposed VIP packages like if you want to feel road rage, get in the car with Eddie. They can’t do that though because they don’t own the building anymore. 
  • His favorite idea – Lunchbox said he’s in the giving mood and suggested they donate the items to St. Jude and let them deal with it.  

Bobby Bones thinks they should do an experimental QVC live stream of 5-7 products and see how it goes. They plan on doing it after Thanksgiving!