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Morgan Shares Update Following Friendship Bracelet Hand-Off

When Morgan was doing CMA interviews, she shot her shot by giving Dustin Lynch a friendship bracelet with her phone number on it. Then his label reached out saying they wanted to set them up on an airplane date, but nothing has happened since.  

Abby saw Lynch perform after Morgan gave him the bracelet and another girl handed him a friendship bracelet with her number on it. Then, Raymundo heard that Lynch might be seeing another girl who is from a popular reality TV show. He was supposed to play at her wedding, but it never happened. He’s been friends with her since and they didn’t walk the CMA red carpet together, but she was there and looked normal walking it since she is a reality star. She then stayed in town for the week with him, but Bobby Bones heard that Lynch is not with that girl. Lynch has still not reached out to Morgan, and we’re not sure if he thinks it’s a bit or not. Regardless of the outcome, she is happy she put herself out there.