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Eddie Worried About Hair Transplant Surgery Overseas

On Amy’s 4 Things Podcast, she was informed that a lot of soccer players go to Turkey to get hair transplants. Eddie has been self-conscious about losing his hair, so after getting the breakdown of how much it would cost, Bobby Bones said he’d pay for it. All in for the hair transplant service, the travel, food and a guest to accompany him would cost $10,000. Eddie and his wife had to do more research on it before they made a decision.  

He did receive a lot of messages from people who have had it done, or know someone who did, and it was a positive experience. Eddie and his wife did research and just found a bunch of people with bandages on their head and think he’s worried about the pain. He also found that’s it’s not illegal in the U.S, it’s just way more expensive. He did see a picture of someone who got round one done and their hair was improved, but Eddie was still not sure what he wanted to do. He is leaning more towards doing it, but he does not want to go to the Middle East. He’s going to think about it over Thanksgiving and talk to his family more about it before he makes a final decision!