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Show Discusses Catfishing & Using Old Photos On Dating App

A listener called in wanting to know if they consider it catfishing if the person shows up to the date and it’s them from the photos, but they look different. Maybe it was taken years ago, or it was edited, but it’s not what they look like in person.  

A similar situation happened to Morgan. She didn’t feel like she was catfished, but it made her feel uncomfortable because it felt like he wasn’t confident in himself when he showed up to meet her, and that he baited her. She didn’t react and went through with the date, and they hung out for two hours, but she did not like him. She didn’t talk to him after because it felt like he started everything on a lie and it was misleading.  

Bobby Bones said he’s rather put up uglier pictures of himself instead so when they meet, they are surprised they are better looking in person. Lunchbox asked if woman tell men on a date that they are wearing a push-up bra or Spanx to make themselves look better. He also argued that wearing makeup could be catfishing since it's not what you truly look like. Amy shared that won’t alter their look drastically and it’s no different than a man dying his hair to look better. Bones agreed it’s not the same and using a picture from 10-years-ago of a version of yourself that you’ll never look like again is misleading!