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Eddie May Actually Have 401K

Eddie shared multiple updates about his life! Find them out below.  

  • He keeps getting Amazon packages that he did not order. This is the second time it’s happened and the first time he tried to return it but was told to keep it. The second time, it was a nice purse that his wife got to keep. The packages are meant for his neighbor who he does not know, but they are addressed to his house. 
  • He might actually have a 401K. For a long time, he didn’t think he had one, but he recently got an e-mail that told him to check on his 401K. He didn’t check the account so he’s still not sure if he truly has one or not, or if the email was addressed to just him or the whole company. He’s never checked his paycheck if money is getting taken out for his 401K either. 
  • Is Bobby Bones playing a joke on him? Bones gave Eddie a pair of shoes from the brand Off-White. They are one of his favorite pairs of shoes and Bones told him to keep the tag on it because it’s part of the style. People keep telling him he left the tag on, and he explains he was told to leave it on and then people laugh at him.