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Lunchbox Does Acts of Kindness For Good Lottery Karma

Lunchbox shared a Tell Me Something Good story about Briana Mills, who helped a person in need by paying for their groceries at a 7-Eleven in Chester, Virginia, and then purchased a scratch-off lottery ticket from the same store that won her the game's $150-thousand top prize, with odds of one in 1.2 million!  

The story inspired Lunchbox to buy some people’s groceries in hopes he’d get some good karma on his lottery tickets. He used $50 from Bobby Bones and some of his own money and went to a store and tried it out! At first, he ran into some difficulties when he approached people checking out. It’d look like they were just purchasing something small, and then they’d start asking for other things, so he’d go to the back of the line and wait for the right customer multiple times.

He played clips of him at the gas station telling customers he wanted to spread kindness and bought a lady her drink and cigarettes. She was so happy because she was about to start counting quarters to make the purchase. She then helped him pick out a $20 lottery ticket. He bought two more people their items and bought himself four $20 scratch-off lottery tickets in total.  

He brought in the tickets for him and Bones to scratch off and won $20 on two of them, so $40 in total that he will spend on two more $20 tickets! They’ll scratch the next two tickets after Thanksgiving break!