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Bobby Bones Show Chooses Theme for Annual Christmas Gift Exchange

Members of The Bobby Bones Show choose the theme for their annual Christmas gift exchange. In the past, they’ve done Cracker Barrel Christmas and Spicy Christmas. Bobby Bones pitched several ideas he had for this year for everyone to vote on. Find out what they chose below! 

  1. TikTok Christmas: Must buy a product you learned about from TikTok Marketplace.  
  2. Toys For Adults: You buy a toy from an adult store.  
  3. If Its Free It’s for Me Christmas: You can use connections, trades or favors to get the gift, you just can’t spend any money.  
  4. Christmas Gamble: You make a futures bet for the person for the following year.  
  5. Secret Santa: Draw names, don’t share who you got and try to guess who.  
  6. Secondhand Christmas: All the gifts have to be from secondhand places or are a re-gift.  
  7. Gifts That Start with a Certain Letter: You draw a letter and can only get gifts that start with that letter.  
  8. The Year You Were Born Gift: You have to gift something that was popular from the year you were born.  
  9. $1 Dollar Store Christmas: You have to buy the gifts only from a Dollar Store.  
  10. International Christmas: All the gifts are from another country.  

The Top Three options were: If It’s Free It’s for Me, Christmas Gamble and Gift That Starts with a Certain Letter.

The one they voted on was The Gift That Start with a Certain Letter! They will do the drawing when they come back from Thanksgiving break.