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Lunchbox Shares Latest On Sending Todd Chrisley Letter in Prison

Over the years, members of the show got to know Todd Chrisley a little bit and he once co-hosted when Lunchbox was out. His relationship with the show was always professional and never personal. Chrisley went to jail and Lunchbox wanted to visit him, so he wrote him a letter twice and sent it from two different Post Office’s, so it had two different avenues to get there. He never heard back, and it turned out it was because the Warden was stealing his mail. He found out because Chrisley’s daughter posted on her Instagram how the Warden has been mistreating her dad and was taking his mail. She does not have proof, but Lunchbox is convinced this is why he hasn’t heard back from him.  

Lunchbox is going to send another letter and address it to the Warden and ask him not to destroy his letter. He is also going to send the Warden their own letter to help him get on the visitation list.  

Photo: Getty Images