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Morgan Got Text From Dustin Lynch After Giving Him Friendship Bracelet

Morgan shot her shot with Dustin Lynch by giving him a friendship bracelet with her number on it. She didn’t hear anything for a while and then his label reached out and suggesting taking them on a date on his airplane, so they thought it was a bit. Nothing came from it, but he finally texted Morgan last week.  

Lynch said he saw the show's content and thought she was awesome, but that a while back he decided not to date in the industry. He still thought it would be fun to go on the plane together and bring Lunchbox. She hasn’t texted him back. Morgan’s accepted he’s not interested and has no regrets about giving him the friendship bracelet and appreciated his honesty. She still thinks he is a good guy and has no hard feelings about him or the situation.

Watch the full segment from the show's Facebook live below!