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Things BBS Is Doing To Help Their Health Right Now

The members of The Bobby Bones Show are currently doing for better health! Find out their answers below!

  • Eddie - Makes smoothies now and puts protein in them. He's also exercising 3-4x a week and will reward himself with a smoothie.
  • Lunchbox - Playing recreational soccer once a week, he's the oldest person on his team. He also runs and does hot yoga.  
  • Amy - Started taking silent walks where she is not talking to anyone or listening to anything. While doing that she will focus on her breath work and said it's been really good for her mental health. She is also not drinking hot lemon water anymore, she's just doing regular hot water first thing in the morning.
  • Bobby Bones - Has been stretching for 15 minutes 3x a day. He's never been able to touch his toes before and now he can. His goal is to get his palms on the ground.