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WATCH: Episode 12 of ‘Too Much Access’ With BYU Women’s Volleyball

On episode 12 of Too Much Access, Bobby and Eddie dove into unfamiliar territory with one of the nation’s best women’s volleyball programs – BYU.

The guys had a chance to hit the court with seniors Erin Livingston and Whitney Bower to get some lessons, and talk about playing for such a dominant program and coach. They also had a chance to sit down with head coach Heather Olmstead who holds numerous D1 records at BYU and has had the Cougars ranked in the poll for over 130 weeks straight. 

Erin and Whitney first taught Eddie and Bobby the basics of the game, from how to hold your hands, to setting someone up for a spike! And of course the guys had a competition to see who could put the coaching to the test with the seniors giving a final grade. 

Coach Olmstead talked about the pressure that comes with playing for such a powerhouse program, who the GOAT of women’s volleyball is and if she thinks Eddie could actually play volleyball. 

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