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Dr. Josie Shares Signs for Mysterious Dog Respiratory Illness

Veterinarian Dr. Josie called into The Bobby Bones Show to share signs of the mysterious dog respiratory illness that is going around.  

Respiratory infections in dogs are not uncommon, but this one is different because it’s not responding to the typical medication that works. They aren’t entirely sure what is causing it at this point, but the outbreak is mostly in the West right now but expected to spread with the holiday travel and more boarding of dogs. The illness is very contagious and is easily transmitted through contact with other dogs.  

The good news is if it’s caught and treated early, dogs are expected to make a full recovery. Some could have a more serious infection and it could be fatal but it’s rarer. Your dog does a reverse sneeze, that sounds like a regular sneeze, because they are trying to clear their nose and it has nothing to do with a respiratory infection.  

While on the phone, Dr. Josie answered some other dog-related questions. She shared that she supports dogs sleeping in their owners' beds as long as they are happy and comfy, and it’s safe for humans because they typically can’t get dogs germs. Amy’s dog has very bad anxiety and is barking a lot as she’s gotten older and nothing is working, Dr. Josie shared that the older the dog gets their anxiety worsens, she recommended getting a trainer and trying to retrain them and there are different supplements they can try. Also, talk to your veterinarian about it and they could provide the proper anxiety pills. She also shared you should absolutely get your pet microchipped because it’s the best way to find them if they get lost. And brush your dog's teeth at least once a week if you can, but dental chews work well too.  

If your dog starts showing signs of coughing, sneezing, or optical discharge, bring them to your vet to get them checked out and treated! 

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