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Eddie Shares How He’s Feeling About Hair Transplant

Bobby Bones offered to pay for Eddie to go to Turkey and get a hair transplant after Amy shared that professional soccer players, like David Beckham, apparently have gotten it done. The cost of everything and a plus one to go with him would cost $10K.  

He’s still not sure how he feels about it and is mostly nervous to travel to the Middle East, because every time he pulls up the news, he sees there is turmoil there. He’s gotten many messages from people who know someone who went to Turkey to get the procedure done and had a successful experience. Eddie wants to get a hair transplant in Nashville, but Bones won’t pay for it unless he travels to Turkey for it. Eddie agreed having a full head of hair sounds amazing, he’s just worried about the travel. His wife would have to stay home to watch the kids, so he’d take a friend. He’s 50/50 about it and has to make a final decision by December 15th.