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Eddie’s 15-Year-Old Wants To Go To Drake Concert

Eddie’s 15-year-old son wants to see the Drake concert coming to Nashville soon, but Eddie doesn’t think he’s ready for it.  

The concert is in February and by then he’ll be 16. He hasn’t said who he wants to go with, just that he wants to go to the show. Eddie immediately told him no because he thought he was too young and did not want him around the terrible language and possibly getting a contact high. Also, his son listens to the clean versions of the songs, and he’s worried he’ll freak out when he hears the explicit versions live. When Eddie was 16 his parents didn’t let him go to rap and hip-hop concerts because they thought he was too young. 

Amy did let her daughter go to the SZA and Lizzo concert and their music has similar language. She went to the shows with a friend and an adult, so Amy knew she was with safe people. She’s started to let her daughter play songs she likes in the car and realized there is a lot of inappropriate language being used, but she’s not sure if it’s registering to her at such a young age what exactly they are saying. 

They think Eddie’s worried about the wrong things since his son is in high school, he is probably already being exposed to this language anyway. They also think it would be fine for him to go with a friend and if it makes Eddie feel more comfortable, for him to also be there and sit in another section.