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Lunchbox Got In Fight With Magazine Salesperson

Lunchbox got into a fight with a door-to-door magazine salesman because he thought it was a scam. The man told him he’s trying to get his life back on track and asked him to subscribe to the magazines because he’d get a portion of the sales.  

Lunchbox should’ve just said no thank you, but he wanted to let him know he knew it was a scam, but without calling him out on it. Lunchbox told him he wants to cut waste for the environment, so he’d go to his website and order magazines digitally, and the salesman got mad at him and started cursing at him and told him that wasn’t possible. He got defensive and walked away. His wife said his reaction lets them know they need to be on high alert because he might target their house now. Lunchbox wanted to prove to the salesperson that scams don’t work on him, but he did not know he would have that reaction so he’s worried he may retaliate now.