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Lunchbox Reads Second Letter He Wrote for Todd Chrisley

Lunchbox wants to visit Todd Chrisley in prison, so he wrote him a letter asking to get on the visitation list, but never received an answer. Then, Lunchbox saw Chrisley’s daughter post on Instagram that the Warden at the jail is stealing his mail. So, he decided to write him a second letter in hopes he’ll actually receive this one.  

In the second letter, Lunchbox started by wishing him a happy holiday and that spending his first holiday season behind bars must be difficult. He shared that he’s thinking about him and his case and that he heard that the Warden has been stealing his mail. He also asked him to send him his Christmas list and if he puts him on the visitation list, he’ll bring his gifts to jail. He mailed it today and is hoping the Warden will not destroy this letter and they’ll get a response before the end of the year!