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Former Inmate Jamie Shares Tip for Lunchbox Trying To Visit Todd Chrisley

Lunchbox has sent two letters to Todd Chrisley, from Chrisley Knows Best, in hopes it’ll get him on the visitation list so he can visit him in jail. The first letter he sent months ago and never received an answer and thinks it might be because the Warden destroyed his mail like his daughter suggested in an Instagram post. The second letter he sent earlier this week and asked Chrisley for his Christmas list so he could bring him gifts if he’s put on the visitation list.  

Listener Jamie was a former inmate in prison for 15 years and called in to share tips for Lunchbox! He shared that the mail is a disaster and there is a good chance his letter did get thrown away. Since Chrisley is a celebrity, he probably gets a lot of mail and they do have to read every letter before they give it to them. They also take the stamps off and make sure there is no contraband in it, and they don’t want to do that with thousands of letters for one guy.  

They have also enforced that all letters must be on white paper and come in a white envelope with no labels or pictures. Some places photocopy the mail and give you that version if you’re lucky, but a lot of the times, they just put ‘Return to Sender’ on it and send it back to where it came from. They say they do that to stop the flow of contraband. A lot of contraband still makes it way in though, and suggested guards may be getting paid off to bring it in to some inmates.  

He shared that the way the visitation list works is the inmate would have to send a visitation form for their family and friends and they would have to fill it out and send it to the prison. You can print a visitation form online, fill it out, and send it to the prison and they’ll process it and possibly put his name on the approval list.  

While Jamie was in jail, the only time he was able to leave was to go to the hospital a few times for surgeries. When he got out after 15 years it was overwhelming because so much had changed. When he went to prison, smartphones didn’t exist yet so when he got out, he saw one for the first time.  While in prison he tried to involve himself in as many activities as possible that would help make him a better person and said prison humbled him and he feels 100% rehabilitated now. He works every day and has a family that loves him!