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Arkansas Keith Shares How Retirement Has Been Going

Bobby Bones stepdad Arkansas Keith called into The Bobby Bones Show to share how his retirement has been going!  

Bones and Arkansas Keith talk often, but it’s mostly Keith sending Bones pictures of dead animals. He’s been out hunting every day since the beginning of the season, which started on November 11th, and hasn’t shot a deer yet. He’s put in a lot of time hunting but has had no luck yet. He does enjoy waking up early, sitting in the woods and not shooting animals, so much that when he called in that’s what he was currently doing. He loves retired life and has spent most of it doing various types of hunting. He’ll go out in the morning, come home and rest for a few hours and then go back out for the evening hunt. He’s in good health too and said he feels great!  

Arkansas Keith did have a retirement plan in place and his best advice for people who want to retire is to diversify your money and put as much in as you can into a 401K. The dream retirement plan for him is to move out West somewhere in Montana or Wyoming for a little, but not in the colder months! He also shared to go to the doctor and make sure you keep up with your health. He's hoping to visit Bones in March for Spring Break.