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Listeners Upset With Lunchbox Over Wife’s Birthday

Lunchbox didn’t plan anything for his wife’s 40th birthday party because he thought it was added pressure and since she knows what she wants and who she’d want to invite, she should plan it herself. On the day of her birthday, he tried to make last-minute dinner plans, but they did not have a babysitter. His wife ordered her own birthday cake because he did not know what flavor she liked, and he didn’t get her a card or gift either. They are going to dinner tonight to celebrate because their kid's daycare has extended hours to let parents holiday shop.  

Listeners called into the show to express their disappointment with Lunchbox about the situation. They suggested he could’ve asked Amy to help plan something, but Lunchbox said since Amy did not reach out to him and offer, it’s her fault. Listeners also said that talking to Lunchbox is similar to speaking with a 15-year-old.  

Another listener told Lunchbox that she has planned every major milestone birthday for her husband, and she told him she expected him to plan her 50th birthday party. He got her a birthday sash, tiara and a cake and they had about 50 people over. Her husband put in effort, which Lunchbox did not.  

A listener also shared how her husband did not acknowledge her first Mother’s Day. They had a 6-month-old baby, and he did not wish her a happy Mother’s Day or get her anything. He said at the time he didn’t think about it has since made up for it, but she’ll always be upset that she can’t get her first Mother’s Day back and thinks Lunchbox’s wife will feel the same way looking back on her 40th birthday.  

Overall, everyone is upset with Lunchbox’s lack of effort and planning and hopes he does something big for his wife to make up for it!