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Lunchbox on How He Celebrated His Wife’s 40th Birthday

Lunchbox’s wife recently celebrated her 40th birthday, and he didn’t think he had to plan anything for it. His reason being that since she knows what she wants and who she’d want to invite, she should be the one to plan it. Everyone thought he should plan something for her since it’s a big birthday, but he looked at it as an added pressure because she knows what she wants better than he does. She did plan his 40th birthday though by taking him on a trip to Las Vegas with their friends and having a spa day while there.  

He didn’t plan anything but at the last-minute thought they should go out to dinner, but they couldn’t find a babysitter. She ordered herself a birthday cake, that he picked up, and they ate it together but that was all they did! He didn’t order her cake because he didn’t know what kind she wanted. But this Friday, they are going to dinner to celebrate her birthday! She made a reservation for 5p.m. because the daycare has extended hours to allow parents to Christmas shop. She didn’t share if she was upset about her birthday, but Lunchbox said he’d be upset if the roles were reversed. He does feel a little guilty he did not get her a card or gift because he does not know what his wife would want for a present.

No one on the Bobby Bones Show is surprised he didn’t plan anything; they are just disappointed.