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Abby Shares She’s Exclusively Dating Someone

Abby has had some trouble in her dating life in the past. She recently got out of a long-distance relationship, but now she has started seeing someone again! She has a rule for first dates that they don’t last longer than an hour. It’s because in the past she used to go on five-hour dates and would tell her whole life story, which she realized wasn’t working.  

A month ago, she met a man on the dating app, Hinge, and they went to dinner on a Friday night. She was nervous but didn’t want to put too much pressure on the date. The restaurant they chose to meet at was full, so they went next door and grabbed a slice of pizza and a drink. He looked exactly like his pictures, and they had a great time talking and Abby liked how intentional he was. The date went so well that at the end of the hour, they went to another bar and the date lasted five hours!  

He is aware of what she does for work, and on the third date, a few random people came up to ask her if she was Abby on The Bobby Bones Show. It did make things a little awkward, but he was supportive. Since then, they’ve hung out about 10 times and see each other on the weekends. He told her he wasn’t seeing anyone else, and they are exclusive but taking things slow!