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Amy Met Listener in Hawaii Battling Cancer

Over Thanksgiving break, Amy went to Hawaii because her nephew is going to school there. Her and the kids went with her sister family and while they were in the Honolulu airport getting ready to fly home, a very nice family from New Mexico came up to her to share that they are big fans of The Bobby Bones Show!

Their kid, Adam, is in third grade and has cancer. They had to drive two hours for his chemo treatments, and while in the hospital, they listened to the show a lot and his favorite segments are the Morning Corny and Tell Me Something Good. On the plane, Amy passed Adam’s mom a note asking if he’d like to call into the show and share a morning corny, which she replied he’d love to, and they exchanged numbers.  

Adam and his mom called into the show, and he shared his morning corny: “How does a sheep say Merry Christmas? Fleece Navidad!” Adam is doing great and has a year left of treatment and will visit the studio if they come to Nashville!