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BBS Competes in Hyundai Driving Test for Worst Driver on the Show

It’s constantly being debated who is the best and worst driver on The Bobby Bones Show, so they finally competed in the Hyundai driving test to find out!  

Jeremy Lyon with Brentwood Driver Training came to the studio to judge everyone's driving skills! They used Bobby Bones Hyundai car in the parking lot behind the studio to complete three driving skills: reverse driving, parallel parking and a three-point-turn.  

Eddie went first and hit a cone while parallel parking. Then Morgan went and had one point taken off for not looking out her back window while in reverse. Lunchbox struggled driving backwards and then Amy went last and almost hit the dumpster while driving in reverse.  

Lyon said everyone on the show is a normal driver and he never felt in danger. Everyone started with three points, and he added or deducted based on how the driving went, so the max was 9 points. Find out the ranking below!  

  1. Morgan
  2. Eddie
  3. Amy
  4. Lunchbox

Since Lunchbox lost, he will have a sign pointing to him as the worst driver at his desk for the full month of January. However, there was some controversy after Jeremy left the studio. Eddie was reviewing footage and noticed that Lunchbox kicked over a cone while Amy was driving, Amy didn't knock it over with the car. She was originally penalized for the cone being knocked over, so now Bobby said she is tied for the best driver on the show with Morgan given that she shouldn't have been penalized for Lunchbox joking around. See the footage below!