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Currency of the Soul: God's Truth About Your Divine Worth

Leanne is back to continue exploring this complex topic of worthiness, diving into the paradox of feeling worthy when you DON'T feel worthy. Once again Leanne talks about the 5 Blocks to God’s love, originally introduced as a 'Self-Imaging' formula, and how these blocks, if not addressed, can hinder your experience of love and worthiness.

This time however, the spotlight turns to the third ingredient and God Block: Self-Worth, as Leanne emphasizes the importance of understanding what you're "weighing and measuring" to define your own worth. She shares personal experiences of tying self-worth SOLELY to external factors like appearance, relationships, and achievement, and how goal-setting can be great, but if that's the ONLY place you are finding your worth, that's where the trouble lies.

Leanne encourages and invites you to create a new definition of self-worth, only this time around taking a "spiritual currency" into account and seeking God's perspective on your divine worth, teaching you how to embrace the concept of taking radical ownership of your own Self-Image... while inviting God into the process as your co-pilot and divine partner.

HOST: @LeanneEllington

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