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Amy on Experiencing a Lot of Firsts This Year

Members on The Bobby Bones Show shared some updates about what's going on in their life for the holiday season!  

Morgan got Bobby Bones an Advent Calendar since he’s never had one before. Each box contains a piece of chocolate, and Bones is worried he’ll eat them all at once.  

Eddie thinks he ruined Christmas at his house. Five years ago, his son saved up for months to buy a 12-foot inflatable Santa Claus decoration, and Bones bet him to keep it up until March, which he did. He put it up again this year but there were high winds one night, so he took it down. The wind must’ve blown it into the driveway because when Eddie was backing out, he accidentally ran over it. He thought it was just the fabric part of the Santa at first, but then he saw he ran over the lights and fan part, and completely destroyed it. He broke the news to his sons that he messed up and he’s going to make it up to them by letting them buy a new inflatable. Bones said he’ll pay for a second inflatable as well!  

Amy is getting ready for her first Christmas without her kids. She was originally supposed to have them for Christmas, and her ex-husband, Ben, was going to have them for Thanksgiving, but they switched at the last minute so she could bring them to Hawaii for a family trip over Thanksgiving break. They will now go to Colorado with Ben for Christmas. This past year, Amy has experienced a lot of firsts. She realized when she came back from Hawaii that she was extra emotional because it was her first time doing a trip like that alone. She traveled with the kids and rented a car and had never done that with them before, but she realized this is how things are going to be now. It also made her realize there will still be some grieving she needs to deal with, especially around Christmas time. The town in Colorado that Ben and the kids are going to is the same one her sister lives in, and last Christmas they were separated but there together, he just stayed with his family, and she stayed with her sister. Amy does not plan on going to Colorado this year, and her and Ben talk often and have healthy boundaries!