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Eddie & Morgan Arm Wrestle Each Other After Bet Was Made

Eddie and Morgan arm wrestled after a bet was made! They don’t remember what the bet was, but Amy instigated it when she stated she thought Morgan would win, and now Eddie feels like he needs to prove himself. Morgan is very athletic, but Eddie thinks he will win just because he is a man.  

If Eddie wins, he’ll get $20 and play the door game. If Morgan wins, she gets $100 and no door game. Amy and Raymundo think Morgan will win. Lunchbox and Bobby Bones think Eddie will win because he has leverage of being taller.  

They were allowed to squeeze but not push each other's arms. When they started, Eddie felt like he was wrestling his 15-year-old and chose to delay it. When he finally gave in, he beat Morgan. She did give him a good fight, and he is a little proud of himself for beating her. Because he won, he got $20 and played the three-door game and chose door #1, where he won another $20!