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Lunchbox Wants To Back Out Of Hosting Event

Lunchbox was asked to host a charity event for Folds of Honor.

He’s worked with them multiple times in the past and agreed to MC the event! He was asked a month ago and last week, he got an e-mail asking for a headshot to announce the people who are hosting. He thought he would be the only one hosting, and he looked at who else they added, and Morgan was on the list. He now feels like either Morgan or himself need to back out because he does not need a co-host. Lunchbox is hoping he crushes the hosting gig so much he gets asked to host other events and eventually gets on The Price Is Right.  

Morgan said they got asked at the same time, but Lunchbox did not see it. He has misread his e-mails multiple times in the past and missed important information. If they had to let go of either host, they probably would cut Lunchbox because Morgan helped them write the script. Neither of them is backing out and will continue to co-host the event for a good cause!