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Morgan Got Left Holiday Card From Trash Collector With Information for Tip

Morgan’s trash man left a Happy Holidays card on her trash lid with his name and address.  

Lunchbox gets the same card and thinks it’s coming from the same trash man. But everyone else thinks it comes from the Town Sanitation Department and they give it to their employees to hand out for tips. Lunchbox is upset when he gets the card because he does not feel like they should be tipped for doing their job.  

The card Morgan got did not ask for a tip, and she thought she was being scammed at first. Lunchbox’s card asked him for a tip, and it made him angry. The trash collectors offer a service, and you can choose to tip them, but you don’t have to. Lunchbox thinks it’s ridiculous because he does not get tipped for serving people every day on the radio and entertaining them. Morgan is thinking about sending him a tip to the address he left, but she’s not sure how much. Online suggestions were between $10-$20 and that a tip is appropriate to gift to whoever is collecting your trash, and you should tip everyone on the crew as well.  

Bobby Bones suggested that the day the trash comes to put the money in an envelope and tape it to the top of the trash can. Lunchbox thinks tipping culture has gotten out of control and will not be giving one to his trash men this year.