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Lunchbox Confesses To Using Show Members Email Addresses For Free Stuff

Lunchbox made a confession on The Bobby Bones Show that he used members email address to try and get a free bike.  

Guardian bikes was a company on Shark Tank that Mark Cuban invested in, and Lunchbox looked into getting some for his family. When he checked their Instagram, he saw they were doing a giveaway, and they were giving away bikes to people who are less fortunate and needed them. 

The giveaway ended on November 29th, so he did not have time to ask them to nominate his three kids for the bikes, so he used their emails addresses to fill out the form and nominated his three kids. He wrote a letter for each one of them saying how hard he works and how his kids deserve the bikes. Lunchbox made everyone check their email to see if they’ve been selected so he can make sure to get the bikes if chosen. No one has received an email yet, but they said if they get notified, they will give the bikes to someone who actually needs them to make their Christmas better!