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BBS Admits Their Last Random Impulse Buy

Members of The Bobby Bones Show admitted what their latest random impulse buy is! Whether it was from an Instagram ad they saw, or a last-minute Amazon purchase they made, these are their latest impulse buys!  

  • Bobby Bones – Penis pillows. He bought three small ones and one really big one. He thought they were hilarious but once he got them, he couldn’t keep them out anywhere.  
  • Amy – Dog bark collar because her dogs barking is getting out of control, but it’s not working.  
  • Eddie – He eats overnight oats, so he bought a bunch of mason jars at Target and while he was there, he also bought beer jugs he thought were cool.  
  • Lunchbox – Worms that are supposed to get rid of the Moles in his yard. He bought 9 packs of them, but he still has Moles.