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Lunchbox Reviews NCIS: Sydney After Having To Watch As Punishment

As punishment, Lunchbox has to watch the entire season of NCIS: Sydney. He watched episode one and shared his thoughts!  

He’s never seen any season of NCIS before. For this season, the plot is in Sydney, Australia and he doesn’t understand exactly what they do for work. The episode started with a soldier bleeding from his nose and then falling into the water, and now they have to figure out who killed him. The episode also included a shootout scene and two investigators paired up together who did not like each other.  

When it was over, he thought it was extremely cheesy and didn’t understand how the show was successful. His wife also watched it with him, and she also thought it was cheesy, but understood why people like it for its drama. They also thought the Australian accents were hard to understand so they had to put on subtitles. One episode in, he rates it 1.5/5 investigators.