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Lunchbox Showed Up To Co-Host Charity Event With Morgan

Lunchbox and Morgan hosted a Folds of Honor event, that he originally was going to back out from when he found out he wasn’t going to be the only host. 

He ended up going and Morgan had to pick him up because he still hasn’t gotten a new car since his 2005 Altima died. When they got there, he and Morgan took photos together and he was annoyed they had to take two pictures for Morgan’s outfits. She wore a blue coat in the first and then in the second she took it off to show off her black dress. It wasn’t a big deal, but Lunchbox thought the photographer got annoyed. Part of the event was an auction and there were huge items for sale, like trips to Montana and Africa and other places. Every time people would bid on the trips, Lunchbox would try to convince them to take him. He did it for every bid that contained a trip, but no one said they would take him.  

Morgan also thinks Lunchbox made someone really mad. They were standing by a hot chocolate stand and a stranger purposely threw his whole body into him out of nowhere. Lunchbox thought the guy was trying to send him a message and intimidate him, or that he’s jealous of his clout. It was definitely done with malicious intent because he had more than enough room to go around him and he spilled Lunchbox’s hot chocolate all over. When Lunchbox asked what happened the guy said, “Oh, did I run into the radio guy?” They have no idea who the guy was or why he did it. Because he was at a charity event, Lunchbox didn’t say or do anything back, even though he really wanted to.