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Earning Back Your Own Trust With God As Your Co-Pilot

Leanne is back to continue exploring this complex topic of worthiness, diving into the paradox of feeling worthy when you DON'T feel worthy. Once again Leanne talks about the 5 Blocks to God’s love, originally introduced as a 'Self-Imaging' formula, and how these blocks, if not addressed, can hinder your experience of love and worthiness.

This episode focuses on the fourth ingredient and God block: Self-Esteem, where she teaches about understanding Self-Esteem as more than just confidence, but a profound interplay of "knowing, liking, and trusting" yourself.

She explores this concept that most people are walking around very untrusting of themselves, because somewhere along the lines they stopped believing themselves when they made promises to themselves. And this causes them to not only STOP trusting themselves, but to also LOSE respect for themselves, believing themselves less and less the NEXT time they commit to something. And THAT is what damages your Self-Esteem. 

She takes you on a deep-dive of how to repair your integrity if you've gotten into the habit of making promises to yourself without actual follow-through. She also shows you how to invite God into this conversation to explore the power of promise-keeping when it comes to restoring your Self-Esteem.

Leanne encourages and invites you to create a new definition of Self-Esteem, only this time around taking your "spiritual integrity" into account and seeking God's perspective on getting back in alignment with yourself WHILE you embrace the concept of taking radical ownership of your own Self-Image...and the spiritual journey towards God-inspired integrity.

HOST: @LeanneEllington

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