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Bobby’s Dentist Finds Major Sinus Issue After Tooth Ache

For the past five days, Bobby Bones upper back right tooth has been killing him. He doesn’t have a good history with his teeth and has fake ones now, so he’s used to his mouth really bothering him.  

He texted his dentist about the issue and went in to get it checked out after the show. The dentist pointed out that it was red, so he started flossing and it smelled really bad, which Bones was embarrassed by, but they discovered that the issue wasn’t with his tooth.  

He took an X-Ray of his head and found that his sinus infection is so bad it’s gotten into his gums, teeth and ears. There are no cavities, but it hurts extremely bad. He’s grateful his dentist was so thorough with him to find the issue and didn’t just send him home and tell him to brush better. Bones is on all sorts of medicine now to get better and is happy he caught it early.  

A listener called in to ask Bones for advice because he’s been having issues grinding his teeth. Bones wears a mouth guard at night and got Botox in his temples to relax the muscles. Bones also has to go to an allergist now to figure out why he gets sinus infections so bad. He also found out he has a deviated septum, but he does not want to get surgery for it. He’s also been waking up every day at 2 a.m. and is not sure why. He can’t fall back asleep, so he starts working on the show and then crashes hard later. He also posted a throwback picture of him with Darius Rucker from 1998 on Instagram you can check out here. Rucker was the very first person he ever interviewed, and he also posted a picture with him from this past weekend.