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Lunchbox Failed His New Years Resolution

Now that the New Year is approaching, Lunchbox looked back on his New Years Resolution for 2023 and realized he failed it. His goal was to become more flexible. It’s something he’s struggled with his whole life and even when he was a kid couldn’t sit crisscross applesauce. This past year, he took some Yoga classes and stretched a few times before playing soccer, but that’s it. He sees Bobby Bones being able to stretch and touch his toes now, and Lunchbox can admit he failed his goals.  

Bones suggested if he sets the goal for one month or week at a time it may be easier. Bones does stretches 3 times a day for 15 minutes and used to live a life of being totally not flexible, but now he feels like he’s doing well, and it’s helped his training. Lunchbox is going to try and be better in 2024 with his stretching!