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Morgan Shares Interesting Text Exchange With Guy She Met on Dating App

Morgan met a man on Hinge and they started texting. On the dating app, he seemed like a good guy, and she thought he was cute, so they exchanged about 10 messages.  

The first message he sent her said, “Hey there beautiful,” and she thought it was too soon to use a pet name. She still messaged him back and by the sixth message he called her darling. They had never met before, and he already called her two pet names which she thought was too strong and fast.  

Lunchbox defended the guy and thought he was being nice, but everyone else agreed using those pet names so quickly was a bit aggressive. Morgan eventually stopped responding because it felt too forced and cheesy. If they had met and it happened after she would’ve been fine with it but thought since he was using pet names that early, he had a roster going on and couldn’t differentiate between names and was using a generic one because it fits with everyone.

That logic checked out because Amy watched a documentary where a man was talking to multiple girls and only used pet names, so he didn’t mix up their names. They thought he was just copying and pasting the messages to every girl, so Morgan stopped communicating with him.