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Show Discusses If They Would Sell Their Dog For $200K

A TikTok video is going viral of a woman sharing that someone offered to buy her dog for $200K. She refused to do it but wondered if other people would sell their dogs if offered that much money. Find out everyone’s answers below:  

  • Amy – Yes, because if they are able to pay that amount of money, it means the dog is going to a good home and will be provided for and taken care of. She wouldn’t sell her cat though because she has many more years to live and is with Amy full-time. 
  • Eddie – Yes, and it would be an easy decision.  
  • Lunchbox – He loves his dog, but when he thought about the cash in front of him, he would take it.  
  • Bobby Bones – No chance. If he had been asked that question 12 years ago, he would’ve said yes, but now he wouldn’t.  

If someone offered him money for people on the show, he would sell them because he does not live with them. Find out how much everyone is worth below: