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Bobby Bones Show Gives Away Hyundai Car in Listener Christmas Gift Exchange

The first ever Bobby Bones Show Christmas Gift Exchange listener edition sponsored by Hyundai happened today (Dec.14!) It’s the first time they got listeners involved and someone won a brand new 2024 Hyundai Kona. If the listeners didn’t win the car, they also had the chance to win cash prizes.  

There were five boxes for the listeners to choose from. Two contained $500, one contained $750, one had $1K and one had a piece of paper with the winning car.  

Listeners Emily, Lauren, Robert, Samantha and Kimberly were chosen after filling out a form online to enter the contest and were on Zoom to pick their gifts! Robert went first and picked gift box #1. Emily went second and chose box #3. Samantha then went and picked box #4. Kimberly then chose box #5 and Lauren picked box #2. 

  • In box #1, Robert won $500!  
  • In box #2, Lauren won $1K!  
  • In box #5, Kimberly won $750! 
  • In box #4, Samantha won $500! 
  • In box #3, Emily won the 2024 Hyundai Kona!  

Winner Emily’s husband recently retired from the military after serving 24 years in the Army National Guard. They had his last Christmas party over the weekend where he received some honors, and she bought some raffle tickets and won a 65inch TV. She is on a lucky streak and can’t believe she won the car!