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Lunchbox Irritated About Christmas Gift Exchange That Hasn’t Happened Yet

The annual Bobby Bones Show gift exchange is happening tomorrow (Dec. 15) and Lunchbox is already irritated about it.

Earlier in the month, everyone drew names and this year’s theme is the gift must start with the letter S. Lunchbox has to get a gift for Abby and Scuba Steve has to get one for him. Since the gifts have to start with the letter S, he’s scared that Scuba is going to get him a snake. Scuba told him to trust him about the gift, but it sounded like he was going to pull a joke on him. If it’s a snake, Lunchbox will be scared and run away from it, and it’ll be a bad situation. Scuba loves snakes and thinks they make a good pet, but Lunchbox hates them and has been worried about the gift exchange for weeks. Scuba is also the judge deciding if people gave bad presents, so Lunchbox appointed Bobby Bones to be a fair judge for Scuba’s present, and will punish him if he get's Lunchbox a snake just to mess with him!