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Amy & Eddie’s Punishments Chosen by Spinning the Wheel

Eddie and Amy are on the Wheel of Punishment for spoiling a few TV shows, 9 Perfect Strangers and Suits. Eddie started talking about the show and then Amy jumped in and spoiled it, so they both landed on the Wheel of Punishment.  

These were the punishment options on the wheel:  

  • Jokes in public. You go to a breakfast place and tell five jokes very loudly and have to laugh at them for 5 seconds each. 
  • Sing in public. Have to sing a love song to your imaginary friend in a coffee shop or restaurant.  
  • Uber Karaoke. You have to take a 5-minute Uber drive somewhere and only have a conversation using famous country song titles.  
  • Public megaphone. You have to order food in a public place using a megaphone.  
  • Stranger request. You have to ask a stranger to record you doing a TikTok dance for 20 seconds and have to be completely serious doing it or must start over.  
  • Helmet of shame. Have to wear one of Bobby Bones football helmets for a full hour on the show.  
  • Spend two segments in the pillory.  
  • Have to watch all 10 Saw movies.  

The punishments will happen in the new year. Eddie’s punishment is jokes in public. Amy’s is watching all 10 Saw movies. By the time she comes back from Christmas break she needs to have watched at least four of them and make a video recapping them.