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Show Does Primal Scream After Amy Shares It’s Good for Your Health

Amy shared a mental health exercise for members of The Bobby Bones Show to do!  

It’s a primal scream and she’s done it a few times in her car when she feels crazy and angry in the moment. Doing the scream for therapeutic purposes can be beneficial for people to do in the moment if they are feeling frustrated or angry because it may prevent them from getting angrier down the line. It’s a type of psych therapy that allows people to address past trauma and negative memories and release it all in the emotions of the scream as loud as you can! Find out what everyone’s scream was like below. 

  • Amy – Her scream sounded frustrated, and she ran out of air at the end.  
  • Eddie – His scream sounded angry after Bobby Bones told him the Dallas Cowboys suck. He said he felt better after. 
  • Lunchbox – His scream was angry because he’s upset, he has to go to work every day and can’t retire.  
  • Morgan – Her scream was high-pitched.  
  • Bobby Bones – His scream was loud, and he went too hard in the beginning.  
  • Scuba Steve – His scream was very loud and scary and resembled his lion roar.  

They all did it together at the end and said they felt better!