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Amy Shares Update on Her House & Kids

Amy shared a few big life updates about her house and kids. First, was that her house is starting to have more furniture! It’s not completely done yet because she’s being particular about what she buys, but there is improvement! She and her ex-husband divided their items up which left Amy having to buy a lot of new household items.  

The other big update she shared is that her daughter, who has been 16 since April, hasn’t been driving much and would mainly only drive to school and back and the grocery store close to their house. Even for her dance classes which are kind of far, if Amy is busy, her daughter will use Uber Teen instead of driving herself. Her brother refuses to drive with her, and she hasn’t offered to drop him off or pick him up from school, even though she drives right past his school every day. Out of nowhere, they worked out a deal and she is now driving him to school.  

Amy thinks her son acts like he’s annoyed by his sister, but if she initiates hanging out with him, he’d be happy. They are also starting to get along better, and Amy’s friend texted her that she saw them stop and get ice cream together. They never used to get along and all it took was her offering to drive him to school to change everything. Amy wanted any parents of teenagers who are not getting along right now to know that there is hope!