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Everyone Debates if Listener Who Inherited Millions Is Real or Fake

A listener called in and shared that his friend left him $800-million dollars in his Will. He said that by the end of the next year he’ll be a billionaire and that the man who left him the money had children, but they were only honorary mentions for $10 each, and everything else was left to him. He took over his house that has 17 bathrooms, is 26,000 square feet and now has a bunch of fancy sport cars. The caller said they are keeping their money anonymous from the rest of their family and the only person who knows is his 6-year-old daughter.  

Lunchbox thinks it’s fake because he knows that 6-year-olds are not good at keeping secrets, and if it were true, he would not call into a national radio show and talk about it. Amy suggested he might’ve changed his voice and Eddie thought he shared it on the show because he knows his family won’t listen to the radio. Morgan thinks it’s real because of all the details he gave. The man said when he stays with his mom, he lives in a small humble house in Wyoming and his friend's mansion that he took over is in Colorado. The more they talk about it, the more suspicious they think his story is. The caller left his number, so after Christmas break, they are going to call him back to get another update.  

To hear the full conversation, listen to the 12/13 Post Show.