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Show Admits Recent Time Marches On Moments

Some days, the members of The Bobby Bones Show are reminded that they're not getting any younger. So, inspired by the Tracy Lawrence song, “Time Marches On,” they shared updates in their life that makes them feel old.  

  • Amy – She now has to wear readers. She’s had 20/20 vision her whole life, but now she struggles reading small print and has to squint and hold it far away and can’t read the back of a pill bottle. As long as the print isn’t super tiny, she can still read fine, but she keeps the glasses on her in case she needs to read small print.  
  • Eddie – One of his favorite things to do was call people by their names. If the waitress told him her name, every time he’d speak to her for the rest of the day, he’d make sure to say her name. Now, he forgets people’s names, or he calls them by the wrong one. It’s happened to him three times recently.  
  • Bobby Bones – His neck hair is starting to get gray. The hair on his head is not gray, but his beard and sideburns have some gray hairs in them and it’s starting to go down on to his neck.  
  • Lunchbox – He hasn’t had a doctor in eight years, and when he went for his yearly physical, when the doctor walked in, he was younger than him.